Early Bird Scholarship

The Early Bird Discount is a 100 GBP discount reserved for participants sending in applications and paying all tuition fees more than 3 months prior to a programme’s start date. As our programmes are on a first come first serve basis, we recommend all participants with the intention to join SIO 2019 send in applications ahead of time.

Here are the Early Bird Discount Deadlines for 2019:

Summer Session Deadlines
Summer Session 1:  7 April, 2019
Summer Session 2: 21 April, 2019
Summer Session 3: 4 May, 2019
Summer Session 4: 18 May, 2019

If you wish to change to another course or summer session, please do not hesitate to contact us right away. We will do our best to make the changes for you, however, please note that changes are subject to availability. For this reason, it may be more difficult for us to accommodate any changes requested less than 60 days before the course start date. We thank you in advance for you understanding.

Blogging Scholarship

The blogging scholarship offers select students the opportunity to be a part of SIO student blog network while receiving a 100 GBP discount on their tuition. You are expected to write blog entries on a daily basis about your experiences and thoughts of our programmes, lectures, excursions, company visits, etc.


Students applying for the blogging scholarship should be familiar with the usage of a computer and internet. Prior blogging experience is a plus but not required.


The blogging scholarship has two goals:

1) The blog posts you provide will be read by thousands of future participants. Hence, you’ll be offering future students a better understanding of our programmes.
2) You’ll get the chance to learn basic web language, html, and how to add your own blog post into WordPress, the world’s most used blogging platform.

Your Daily Assignment

You’re now a blogger! At the end of each day, spend a little time recapping the activities of the day focusing not only on facts, but also your thoughts. For example, you received a lecture on “Studying Economics in Oxford”. Instead of blogging about what the lecture is about, write your feedback on how this lecture applies to you, what you would do differently, or if you plan on applying its tactics in the future.

Each blog post should be 300 words or more. While pictures are not required, it’ll be great if you could attach pictures to your post as “pictures are worth a thousand words”.

What Should You Blog About?

We want to offer participants an open-ended topic to encourage creativity; therefore, we’re not designating any specific post topics. Please just keep the blogs relative to what future students will want to know about our programmes. For instance, you can write about your thoughts on the dorms, the food, lectures, group activities, or even how you had free time and found a nice gift shop around the corner.

We’ll leave it up to your discretion to keep blog topics on track and to stray away from inappropriate topics, stories, and words.

Photography Scholarship

We’re looking for a select few to become our official class photographers. If taking pictures and sharing them with friends is one of your hobbies, this is the perfect scholarship opportunity for you. All selected participants will receive 100 GBP off their tuition for doing what they love, taking pictures!


Anyone that loves taking pictures and own a digital camera can participate – you do not need to be a professional.

Your Daily Assignment

You’re now our class photographer! We’ll leave it up to you to capture all the precious moments during the SIO course for the entire class. At the end of the course, just drop off your memory card with a Programme Director so we can download all the wonderful pictures you have taken and return the card to you. A minimum of 500 good quality pictures should be taken per week. The pictures will then be placed on the SIO website for all the students to see and download.

What Should You Take Pictures Of?

You should be prepared to take pictures during group activities, excursions on the weekends, and the welcome and farewell reception & dinner. Take pictures of the campus, the dormitory, the dinning halls. It’s an open-ended job and we’ll leave it up to your discretion on what you believe other students would like to keep as memorandum for attending SIO.

Video Scholarship

The Video Scholarship has been introduced for delegates who are passionate and knowledgeable about creating and editing videos. This scholarship offers 200 GBP after the video has been completed and approved by a marketing staff member at CBL International.

The video will be uploaded on the CBL International YouTube account in order to provide future delegates with an insight into our Oxford and Cambridge programmes and more importantly, as a reminder for delegates attending the programme.

How long should the video be?

The video should be around 1 min 30 sec to 2 min 30 sec long, and it must give an overview of your time and experience in Oxford or Cambridge.

What should I film?

You may wish to highlight your location’s picturesque surroundings, concentrating on its appearance. Or you may want to focus on showing the different parts of the programme, such as the lectures, company visits, excursions, free time, etc.